SuperWoman Plans a Birthday Party (Kind of)

It’s not every day that BeautyQueen turns 4.

The problem is, her birthday is in summer, and it happened to be right after a trip to California, and SuperWoman wasn’t quite on the ball in the way you need to be on the ball so that people–i.e. little 3 or 4 year olds and their parents–can come.

And there was added pressure because for this birthday, opposed to the others, BeautyQueen knew more. She knew what a party was supposed to look like, or what kind of party her friends had had anyway: kids in socks, doing cartwheels on mats in some big gym, or climbing rock towers or climbing through plastic tunnels before sitting down in a blue and green room eating pizza and cake. And don’t forget about those damn goody-bags. All the kids expect to go home with goody-bags.

The best way to handle all of these expectations is to pay for someone else to do it, which is what SuperWoman fully intended to do. So when SuperWoman arrived home from vacation, she started scrambling, calling any place that might be open for BeautyQueen and her friends.

But finding a place, and people, to come to this party turned out to be not so easy.

Not only was it hard to secure the place BeautyQueen wanted her party, but it was also hard to do all the other arrangements while in an office 8 hours a day–place the deposit for the location, order the cake, get the class list, fill out the invitations. (And that last part, buying paper invitations, she forgot and forgot and forgot).

And what happened, once the arrangements were settled?


Okay, not zero. But one, maybe two. And BeautyQueen’s two best friends couldn’t come.

This was a problem. So.

SuperWoman understood exactly who her evil opposition was going to be in this episode. PERFECTION.

It looked like all the excitement of the birthday and party that BeautyQueen had been talking about for months (since everything she saw that looked even remotely interesting, she asked to get it for her birthday) would lead to heartache. SuperWoman had nightmares of that archetypal image of the sad girl in the pretty dress with cake, waiting for friends to arrive, only for no one to show up.

This would not happen. Oh no. SuperWoman would be, well, SUPERWOMAN! She’d deliver a damn good birthday party for her girl.

Quickly, she made a change in plans. They’d have the part on a different day, a Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday, so BeautyQueen’s two best friends could come. She’d tell their parents to bring the girls in their most beautiful princess dresses, since BeautyQueen loved dressing up in her own when they were home. (And yes, there are plenty of rantings about the problem with princess obsession for young girls in this day and age, but SuperWoman has decided she just doesn’t give a shit.) She checked that a few family friends with kids could come, as well as MotherBear and Mama-the-Grand. And on Saturday, SuperWoman headed out with her sidekicks to procure entertainment options–nail polish to paint the girls’ nails, a game called Pin the Tail on the Olaf, and a large pinata filled with Hershey kisses. The SuperFamily made their own cake with organic icing (whoot!), then covered it in sprinkles and chocolate chips. And the next day, a good time was had by all.

PERFECTION be damned–this party was perfect in a whole other way–in a way that was unique to the SuperFamily.

Lesson learned? As in life, a party doesn’t have to look the way it does for other kids. And it can still end up with a damn good result.


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