SuperWoman Writes

This is what it looks like when SuperWoman sits down to write fun stories she makes up in her head using nothing but her beautiful imagination.

The room is quiet. The lamps are lit. The sidekicks are off with their dad, so no one is home to distract her. The setting is perfect.

(Well, not actually perfect. Sometimes the people living on the floor below her blast their hip hop and it’s a little warmer than she’d like in the apartment and there are dishes in the sink that haunt her and some odds and ends that need to be picked up, like the blanket that’s in a crumpled heap on the floor behind the couch. So not perfect, but good enough. perfect is relative.)

First, she goes for a walk. Because SuperWoman needs exercise and to work off the cheese she ate at happy hour with her friend, Susa-Power. (Read more about Susa-Power on the “Cast of Characters” page.) SuperWoman ate a lot of cheese. There was a creamy one and a cow’s milk one and something nutty. But there was also honey and grapes and apricot jam, so fruit items assuaged the guilt of all the cheese. At least she didn’t get French fries! (But she did have a glass of champagne.)

Anyway, before writing, SuperWoman decides to go for a walk. She listens to Florence + the Machine because that woman kicks ass and SuperWoman loves when women kick ass.

Then she checks MFA programs and applications. (Yes, SuperWoman is applying to MFA programs! Isn’t that exciting?)

Then she checks Facebook. Want to know something about Facebook, kids? There’s nothing to see. There’s always nothing to see.

Then she gets up to eat a chocolate chip cookie because she needs a little something sweet to start her work. It’s a small one so she doesn’t feel very guilty.

She sits down. She checks Facebook again. Now she needs to refill her water because she doesn’t want to start writing and get thirsty and need water.

She gets water. She sits back down. But she needs another chocolate chip cookie because the first one was so good.

She eats it. Mm. Yum. Now, writing time.

But there are also Twizzlers in the cabinet, and those sound good. She’ll just have two. She’ll eat two Twizzlers while she works and no more, then she will sit down and write already.

While she’s getting the Twizzlers, she sees the dishes in the sink from when the kids ate their cotton candy ice cream the night before and there’s even some tomato sauce on a plate. Yuck. SuperWoman doesn’t have a dishwasher. This is what she dreams of in her next abode. Should she do some dishes instead of write? Maybe she’ll feel better if the dishes are done first.

No, the insistent voice inside her says. She will write this story from her imagination that she’s been waiting all night to write. She sits down with the Twizzlers and decides she doesn’t need the extra sugar. She gets up to throw the Twizzlers in the trash. She sits back down.

Now, she is ready to go. Woohoo! A half hour. That’s all it takes. Look at the clock, SuperWoman, count down the minutes. A half hour in the chair, and then she’s free. Then she can do whatever she wants, like watch TV or read a book or meditate and stuff.

All she has to do is pull up one of the stories she’s been working on (which one? And should she spend some time submitting to literary magazines?) and start reading and typing.

But first? First she’s going to write this blog post.


Image: “searching….question mark?” by Leo Leung via Flickr.

1 thought on “SuperWoman Writes

  1. Oh superwoman you’ve made my day. You are really just like the rest of us ..,,,we start something get distracted by something else, start that then get sidetracked by another distraction and off we go all day long. Ha ha. I must be a superwoman also !!!


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