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Single, divorced mother of three.

By day, she edits stuff in a rectangular cube in a large office building in Philadelphia. She buys coffee from the nearby cafe. But underneath those work pants are snazzy boots and an indomitable grit that helps her defeat and conquer the darkness that lurks around every corner. Even if that darkness is, on some days, her penchant for maple walnut scones.

She also has a cat.

What more does a modern woman need?

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SuperWoman Flies the Coop


SuperWoman isn’t just fighting her existential crises in America anymore. She’s taking to the high seas, or the high air, flying through the clouds in 2019 so she can live the writer’s life for several weeks at a time.

Where is she going? you might ask.

Oh, please do.

SuperWoman’s going to tell her stories from a Parisian cafe, where she eats chocolate croissants. Where she drinks chocolat chaud. Where she rips apart a hearty hunk of baguette and a fresh chunk of brie on the way to her little apartment after a day of discussing literature in writing workshops a mere few blocks from Notre Dame Cathedral. She’s going to pour glass after glass of vin rouge in bistros with mahogany wood and walls adorned with little white lights, and meet other kinds of superheroes and shaman: storytellers from across the globe.

SuperWoman has been accepted (she’s over the moon!) and is off to Paris for NYU’s Low Residency Writer’s Workshop, on the road to getting her MFA in Creative Writing. She’ll be spending ten whole days, two times a year, in the City of Light! The City of Love! Perhaps the Most Beautiful, Wonderful City on Earth! (SuperWoman would like to be a bit more well-traveled before she can make such an extraordinary claim, but she has been to Paris twice before, and can attest to its awesomeness.)

Come January, bon voyage!

Or, maybe more apropos, “Bon appetit!”

P.S. Anyone want to teach SuperWoman a bit of French? She’s going to need it.


Image: Eiffel by Alberto Ruiz via Flickr

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