About SuperWoman



Single, divorced mother of three.

SuperWoman never thought such a description would fit her. (Well, not the divorced part, or the three kids part, but she kind of always thought–feared?–she’d be the single part.)

SuperWoman first appeared on a little blog hosted by a suburban mom outside Philadelphia, railing about grocery store check-out lines and preschool pick-ups and the unforgettable escapades of her offspring, TalkMonster and WonderMess. (It was called An Attitude Adjustment, if you must know. And she was damn proud of it before she shut it down for bigger, brighter things.) Now, she’s decided to rise up again, battling demons and villains in a newer, more humble form. And she has a third member of the brood: BeautyQueen.

But even after all this time and all the changes in her circumstances, do you want to know something? SuperWoman still has pizzazz.

By day, she sits in a cubicle in a large office building in Philadelphia, editing stuff. On her lunch break, she writes stuff. She buys coffee from the nearby cafe, just like an average person walking the street. But underneath those work pants are snazzy boots and an indomitable grit that helps her defeat and conquer the dark forces that lurk around every corner. Even if the only dark force she faces, on some days, is her penchant for maple walnut scones.

It’s always an adventure.

She also has a cat.

What more do you expect from a modern woman?

These are the tales of your friendly neighborhood female superhero. (Don’t forget the female part. There sure aren’t enough of them.)


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